National Punctuation Day

September 24th is National Punctuation Day… and I did not know that there was a day to honor/celebrate punctuation marks!  Did you know there was a National Punctuation Day?

There is a National Punctuation Day website (where you can find information about punctuation marks [like brackets]), with examples of how and when to use them.


National Punctuation Day®, the holiday that reminds America that a “ semicolon is not a surgical procedure,” celebrates its fifth anniversary September 24. What started as a clever idea to remind corporations and professional people of the importance of proper punctuation has turned into an everyday mission to help school children learn the punctuation skills they need to be successful in life.

These are the thirteen punctuation marks:

  • Apostrophe
  • Brackets
  • Colon
  • Comma
  • Dash
  • Ellipsis
  • Exclamation Point
  • Hyphen
  • Parenthesis
  • Period
  • Question Mark
  • Quotations
  • Semicolon

You can check out National Punctuation Day's web site for a refresher course on how and when to use punctuation marks.

If you are a know-it-all, see if you can figure out which one of the thirteen punctuation marks I did not use; if you figure it out leave a comment with your answer.