My 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge

I received a 90-day supply of Creative Bioscience 30-day diet supplements to facilitate my review. All opinions regarding my 90-day weight loss challenge are 100% my own and may differ from yours.

If you’re one of my Facebook friends you are all too familiar with my weight loss journey. I’ve updated with a weekly weigh-in status every Monday.

I’m very proud of myself. Because throughout the whole challenge, I lost anywhere between .5 pound to 3 pounds every single week but one… in which I didn’t lose any weight.

Not once did I have a week where I gained weight — even with Halloween, Thanksgiving, my son’s birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve/Day.

During the challenge (Oct. 15 – Jan. 15) I lost 16.5 pounds and 8 inches around my waist. Over the last two weeks, I’ve lost 2 more pounds and 1 more inch around my waist. For a grand total of 18.5 pounds lost and 9 inches around my waist.

On October 15, 2012, I weighed 166.5 pounds. By the way, this was not my biggest weight, because at the end of July 2012 I weighed 170.5 pounds. As of this morning’s weigh-in, I weighed 148 pounds.

According to the “experts”, I should weigh between 111 – 150 pounds. I added these two numbers together and divided by 2… which equals 130. I like this number, and it just so happens to be approximately what I weighed before I got pregnant with Cody.

Yes, I like this number! It’s my goal weight. I lost 18.5 pounds since Oct. and 22.5 pounds since July, so 18 more pounds should be doable.

I realize it may be a bit tougher to lose the remaining 18 pounds in 3-months… I initially wanted to reach it by April 17th, my birthday. But I’ve decided to give myself until June 1st. Hopefully sooner.

90-Day Weight Loss Challenge

How did I do it?

Each morning (except for the week of Christmas, and a couple of days here and there when I forgot) I took two Creative BioScience 30-day diet supplements with 8 oz. of water, thirty minutes before breakfast.

I then kept track of every single bite of food or drink that went into my mouth on My Fitness Pal.

Between October 15 and January 1, I just practiced portion control. I ate pretty much what I wanted… in moderation. I set my calories at 1200-1400 and did not deviate from it.

Then on January 2, I started slowly incorporating exercise. My exercise goal is to build from couch to a 5k. I registered to run in the Color Me Rad 5k in Knoxville on April 6. I am NOT a runner. But I hope to be able to run the 3.1 miles non-stop.

We shall see.


I started this journey because I want to be healthy and be around to see my son have his own children someday. I have high cholesterol and was having back issues from the weight I was carrying.

I’m a small-boned/small-framed woman, and I think anything over 150 pounds is just too much weight for me… and be healthy.

I don’t want to be skinny. Many of my family and friends who’ve known me for years know that during my teens and most of my twenties, I was in fact, skinny. Very skinny.  I want to be a healthy weight for me.

But most importantly, I’ve made a lifestyle change. My eating habits have changed. In fact, the way I think about food has changed.

I want to add that I so appreciate all the comments I’ve received on Facebook. Your kindness and encouragement have helped me in ways you’ll never know. Thank you!

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