Messy Moments – Wish I Had Wet Ones Twitter Party

This Messy Moments post is sponsored by Wet Ones® Hand Wipes.

You know those “Messy” life moments? If you have kids, I know you know what I mean. With young children, there are countless messes in your day. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but I have a teenager in the house and we still have messy moments.

With back-to-school in full swing, there’s not only messes but germs to contend with. We reach for Wet Ones Wipes for all our day to day messes.

If you can relate to “Messy Moments”, especially those associated with the Back-To-School season you’ll want to join me for the Wish I Had Wet Ones Twitter party tomorrow. Here are the details…

Wish I Had Wet Ones Twitter Party:

Date: Thursday, September 21st 2017

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET

Moderator: @MomCentral

Topic/Focus: We’ll enjoy a fun chat about “Messy Moments” – the sticky, germ covered hands, and the occasional spill – and we’ll sprinkle the conversation with facts on Wet Ones and the messy moments we experience during Back To School season.

Party Hashtag: #WishIHadAWetOnes

Prizes: 2 pre-party winners and 6 party winners will receive $50 Gift Cards!

I hope to see you tomorrow at 1:00 PM ET and we’ll clean up life’s messes together with Wet Ones.