Lin Hao Nine Year Old Earthquake Survivor And Hero

Last night during the opening ceremony to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics' 'Parade of Nations', China was led by World-Famous basketball player, Yao Ming (a formidable giant in height)  bearing the flag for China; and walking along side him was little Lin Hao, whose bravery and courage made him as tall as Ming, if not in height…in spirit!

Lin Hao is a survivor of the Sichuan earthquake. Twenty of the thirty classmates in his school perished in the disaster, but after freeing himself he went back into the rubble to find his classmates.   Lin Hao was the 'hall monitor' so when asked why he helped his fellow classmates he says it was because he was the class leader and that is what he was suppose to do.

There has also been some controversy around Lin Hao's flag being upside down.  There is speculation that someone was sending a distress signal out to the world, revolving around the Chinese governments refusal of aid after the earthquake. 

Read the interesting article from the Epoch Times.

Regardless of any controversy surrounding the little flag, it was an emotional climax to the 'Parade of Nations', especially for China.