Why Middle School and High School Students Need a Laptop

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I haven’t told my son yet, but it’s just 23 days until school starts back here. Okay, that even hurt me to type/say. Sigh. I’m certain that my middle school son will not be happy about it. Although he loves school, he will think that the summer break went by too fast.

And on this, I will agree.

However, whether we are ready or not, back-to-school season is right around the corner.

If you have a rising middle school or high school student it might be a good time to invest in a new laptop for them. Many schools now require tablets or laptops, or will be in the near future, with technology playing a bigger and bigger role in education. 

Our kids today are so tech savvy and far more technologically advanced than any other generation. It’s only going to become even more so in the future so getting our son a laptop is on our back to school shopping list. We’re looking at the 15.6” HP Pavilion Laptop. I think it will suit our son’s needs now, as a middle school student and in the future as he enters high school.

Since he will be starting the 8th grade and his last year in middle school, I can think of many reasons he needs a laptop….

10 Reasons Why Middle School and High School Students Need a Laptop


The most obvious of course is homework, but it is probably the most valid and important of all reasons for middle school and high school students to have a laptop. Having a middle schooler I know that they have lots of homework that a laptop is great for, with writing papers and much more.

Connecting and Communicating with Teachers

Nowadays, most schools have online portals where not only can parents find out school related information and homework assignments, etc., but also for students. With a laptop they can easily check their homework and email their teachers, especially if they have any questions.


Research is another given, but having a laptop makes it easy to research anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to wifi. A lot of school projects can be done much easier with a laptop.

Learning to Program

It’s really easy for students to develop or learn new skills with “Learning to Programs”… like learning to code, learning a new language, or how to play the guitar, to name a few.

Advanced Photography

Photography is easy with a smart phone or tablet and the quality is much better as technology improves, but a laptop can really make photography shine with editing programs you can access on a laptop.

Graphic Designing

With lots of free graphic design software programs the laptop makes it easy for kids to learn skills in this area that can make their school work shine.


I think it’s important for students to learn life skills like making a budget, keeping a spreadsheet to track their spending, etc. There are many ways learning and using spreadsheets can help them with their school work as well as skills they need for life.

Ease and Convenience

Yes, a tablet is easy and convenient, but a laptop is easy and convenient, but with the capabilities of doing so much more. If you can have both, that’s great, but between a tablet or a laptop, for a student, I’d recommend a laptop.

Affordable (more bang for your buck)

A laptop is more economical than a desktop and considering the ease and what you can do with a laptop over a tablet, it is the best deal.

Essential for College

I think a laptop is a necessity for a college student, so getting one for your high school student, they are already used to using a laptop and quite possibly will be able to take their laptop from high school to college.

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