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Is Your Man Comfortable in His Own Skin? Dove Men+Care Review & G!veaway


My man is. Comfortable in his own skin, that is. I don't know about you, but I love a man who is comfortable in his own skin. Men should take care of their skin, just as much as we women do… and so does Dove. Dove Men + Care is a line of Dove products just for men. Men who are on their "Journey to comfort" (or already arrived).

I recently received some Dove Men+Care products for the man in my life to try out. My husband was more than happy to assist me. He's finally come around to my insistance that he needs to take care of his skin… pamper it from time to time. 

So what did we get?

Clean Defense Body & Face Wash

Dove Men+Care Clean Defense Body and Face Wash with MICROMOISTURE technology activates on skin and is clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than regular men's body wash. This ultra-light cleansing gel rinses off easily and removes daily oil buildup to help maintain skin balance.

My hubby really likes the way it made his skin feel. See, Honey, you can be tough and masculine, and still have soft skin.

Dual Sided Shower Tool

Dove Men+Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool works with body wash for extra scrubbing power you can't get from just using your hands. the mesh side delivers the perfect amount of thick cleansing lather, and the scrub side helps exfoliate for a deeper clean.

My husband really likes this tool. He does know what exfoliate means, and why you should do it, but he had never used anything to actually exfoliate his own skin. He was impressed. The Dual Sided Shower Tool is now his favorite non-tech gadget.

Aqua Impact Deodorant

The first deodorant from Dove specifically designed to give men protection — without compromise. Its unique formula combines one of the most effective ingredients for 48-hour protection against odor with non-irritant 1/4 moisturizer technology.

My husband likes to use the deodorant for when he is hanging around the house or knows he won't be very active. Or doing anything too strenuous. 

Aqua Impact Antiperspirant

The first antiperspirant/deodorant from Dove specifically designed to give men protection — without compromise. Its unique formula combines one of the most effective ingredients for 48-hour protection against odor and wetness with non-irritant 1/4 moisturizer technology.

My husband insists on an antiperspirant when he is exercising, hiking, working in or outside our home, etc. Anytime he is really exerting himself. He doesn't feel comfortable with just a deorderant for times like these. So far, he's love the Aqua Impact Antiperspirant. And he gave it a good test-drive yesterday. 

The final words from my "man", were that he loved the smell, and that he didn't realize how nice it was to have softer skin. My final words — "Thank you Dove Men+Care for helping my man feel and smell so good when he's close to me!"

Okay, if MY man isn't enough to get YOUR man, to try Dove Men + Care products, maybe these manly men will. These sports icons — Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Nash, and Tom Izzo, are also a part of the "Journey to Comfort" campaign. Check out how comfortable Shaquille is in his own skin:

I'm a big Shaq fan already, but love him even more knowing how much he appreciates his Mom. Check out Dove® Men+Care® Video Page to watch Steve Nash, and Tom Izzo's videos to see how comfortable they are in their skins.

Oh, and guys, check out "Shaq's Big Excuse" – a unique Facebook app that allows fans to send out customized voicemails from the "Big Diesel" himself. It's really funny! If you don't want to be stuck behind a desk during March Madness, let Shaq help you out with an excuse to your boss or wife. 

One of my lucky readers is going to win a Dove Men+Care Pack!  Which includes:

You're man will look, feel, and smell, fresh and clean when he takes you out to dinner with that $25 Visa gift card. 🙂

Entries are super easy with the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!

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