Insurance Will Pay For Botox For Woman With Dystonia

What is dystonia you ask?  Well I had never heard of it either.  According to Wikipedia, dystonia is a “neurological movement disorder in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.”

An Omaha, Nebraska mother of three, Kellie Sprunk, 28, lives in constant pain suffering from cervical dystonia.  From they say it causes spasms in her neck and shoulders, followed by vomiting, blackouts and trips to the emergency room.

Doctors say there is no cure for dystonia, however, they can use Botox to treat the symptoms.

The Botox treatments cost several thousand dollars a year and Sprunk’s insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, wouldn’t even consider covering the cost.

Thankfully with KETV looking into Sprunk’s situation, the insurance company has reconsidered.  In fact, her first covered Botox treatment is scheduled for Monday.

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