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Happy Picnic Month: 13 Must Have Picnic Foods @foodie #spon

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Check out 13 Must Have Picnic Foods

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July is National Picnic month. It’s the time of year when everybody is out of school, the weather is warm, and the whole month is just perfect for picnics!

One of my favorite dishes to take on a picnic is macaroni salad. I make it the day before the picnic and put it in the cooler as we leave on our picnic.

I have a favorite macaroni salad that isn’t the old boring macaroni salad your mom made (which is pretty darn tasty, don’t get me wrong)… check out my recipe for ‘Toasted Corn Macaroni Salad‘.

I also like taking fried chicken or ham (both can be made the day before), or sometimes we go on impromptu picnics, and I make sandwiches.

Picnics should be easy and fun, so try to make ahead as much as you can, so you just pack everything up the morning of your picnic and go have fun.

Check out the 13 Must Have Picnic Foods in the Foodie collection above.

Enjoy, and Happy Picnic Month!

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