Freebie Friday II

I cannot believe it's already Friday again, and time for Freebie Friday! Here are some more great finds for you. Check them out and I hope you can find some things you can use!

  1. Free stuff blog – is a blog devoted entirely to free things.
  2. Printables and Resources – I have mentioned Donna before, but I think it is one of the best resources for free printables for home schooling parents and teachers alike.
  3. Around town – Okay this isn’t a website. What I mean about “around town", is find things to do that are free in the city/town you live in. Go to a park or on a hike, or a museum. Many museums have free admittance. If you need ideas, you can go online and search your city for free things to do.
  4. Get Free – You can get free products, rebates and coupons and more.
  5. Free – Is a website for free coupons and free product samples. Check it out for savings and special offers.

I want to add that I think you can find free things or at least coupons and good deals on the web if you will take a little time to do some research. This is what I aim to do with Freebie Fridays by doing the research for you. I hope you find these freebies helpful and if you have a freebie, let us know. Hope to hear from you! Enjoy Life!!!