Extreme Couponing to the extreme – Just say NO to #extremecouponing

I know that I posted recently about watching this season's Extreme Couponing on TLC. How I've never watched before and would be this season. Well…. I am so sorry I did. Extreme Couponing is giving us "normal" coupon clipping/printing people a bad name. C'mon.

I said the thing I didn't like about extreme couponing was the "extreme" part. And let me tell you, that's putting it mildly. These people do not just try to save money and/or get the occasional free product… they are hoarders. Hoarders. If you are getting dozens of boxes of diapers free and you are storing them in your basement for when you may someday, possibly have a baby — you are a HOARDER.

Food has an expiration date. So what good does buying up (for pennies on the dollar or free) loads of food that you more than likely can never eat (or even worse, things you don't even like)? Seems wasteful to me. And now, because of Extreme Couponing, many companies view couponing in a negative light. 

TLC? What has happened to you? The Learning Channel makes me think of a channel I can watch and well… learn something. What Extreme Couponing is teaching and unfortunately taught, has been detrimental to so many of us who want and need to save money on our grocery bills. 

I hope that other companies will learn from Lowes Foods. From the Charolette Observer,

“If we had it to do over again, we would not have done it,” said Lisa Selip, a corporate spokeswoman for Lowes Foods who said the show was full of misrepresentations and sensationalism.

A case in point, she said, is contained in a promotional clip recently released online. It shows a man arriving in the grocery aisle seconds too late to purchase an energy bar after an extreme coupon shopper put every last bar into her cart.

“The guy who walked up to the shelf was one of the crew members,” Selip said. “It was all staged.”

What you see on the Extreme Couponing show is NOT the way it really works in real life. So, I would highly recommend you NOT watch the show… let's send TLC a message — Just say NO to #extremecouponing!

I wish I had read the post from Practical Frugality before I wrote my last post and watched it myself. But since I didn't, I feel like I must let you know that I do not recommend you watching the show.

Just remember to coupon responsibly. Happy savings!