Chasing A Dream a Hallmark Original Movie

Tonight the Hallmark Channel premieres the original movie Chasing a Dream.  A movie about just that… chasing dreams.  I can relate to this movie because that is what I am doing right now.  In fact, my husband is as well – and our goal, individually and as partners is to fulfil (or catch) our dreams by the end of the year.

So Chasing a Dream is a movie right up my alley.  And if you frequent my blog much at all you know I love the Hallmark Channel.  They always deliver great family movies that inspire you.  Movies that you know you can sit down and watch with your entire family.

Chasing a Dream is just that kind of movie. says,

As Cam Stiles (Andrew Lawrence) and lifelong buddy John Van Horn (Jake McLaughlin) compare athletic plans, victory seems within reach: Cam’s on track for a college scholarship certain to bring him glory and make his demanding football coach father (Treat Williams) proud.  And John, the determined runner, is sure he’ll blaze to a rare sub-four-minute mile. But when tragedy strikes, Cam faces an unbearable loss that shatters his world.  Even as his mother (Joanna Going) and friends offer comfort and his father instructs him to step it up in football, Cam angrily ignores them all.  Fueled by grief and grit, he sets up a challenge – to achieve John’s dream – and throws himself into training for the race of his life.  Somehow, Cam has to overcome every obstacle in his path, from emotional to physical, as he summons the speed and stamina not only to win, but to succeed.

Chasing a Dream stars Treat Williams, who has an extensive acting career is probably best known for his role in the WB series Everwood, Joanna Going and Andrew Lawrence, the younger brother of Joey and Matthew Lawrence.

The inspiring thing about Chasing a Dream is the extremes that the main character will go to in reaching his dream.  But most importantly, the bonds of friendship.

What have you or would you do to pursue your dream?  Do you have a friend you would do anything for? 

Watch the Hallmark Channel’s original movie Chasing A Dream tonight April 25 on the Hallmark Channel, at 9:00 pm EST and see a young man chase a dream for the love of a friend.