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Make Money Blogging: The 4 Best Influencer Networks

I am so fortunate to have the best job. Not only do I love what I do, but I also get to do it at home. As a blogger working from home, my schedule is somewhat flexible, which has afforded me the opportunity to be with my husband and son more, as well as to volunteer a lot more. Blogging is my dream job. And finding the best influencer networks is, too.

Best Influencer Networks

If you told me back on April 1st, 2008 that I could make money blogging, I would have thought you were pulling an April Fools joke on me. I never thought about making money from a blog. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I thought blogging would be a great creative outlet for me.

Yet, here it is 11 years later and I am doing exactly that… making money. Not just making money, but earning a living, one that more than surpasses what I made as a teacher.

Plus, I get to work in my pajamas if I want. I save money on gas, lunches, childcare, makeup, and clothes. And as I mentioned earlier, my schedule is more flexible than a typical work out of the home job would be.

How did I start making money blogging, you ask?

More than half of my income comes from influencer (blogger) networks. When I first started blogging, they were referred to as “blogger” networks, but more and more brands have realized that we are more than just bloggers… that we have real influence.

Influencer networks match the right bloggers with the right brands.

But not all influencer networks are equal. I have worked with many, many networks over the past 11 years and with the exception of two networks, I have had generally good experiences with them all.  Some really excel above all others, though. For me personally, these are the four networks I would highly recommend…

My Favorite 4 Influencer Networks

I truly cannot say enough good things about this influencer network. not only offers sponsored income for bloggers but affiliate income, as well. So, you have the opportunity to make even more money than you do with other influencer networks.

The things that make stand out among other networks are…

All the sponsored posts are fairly quick and easy to do and instructions are very clear. It is my favorite blogger network to work with right now.

Acorn the Influence Company

I’ve been working with Acorn for a few years now. I get fairly steady work with them, hence one of the reasons they are in my top four.

What I like about Acorn…

You do have to apply for campaigns (which is more common than not), but they generally only ask 3 – 4 questions to make sure you are a good fit for the brand. They also pay 60 days net. I’d much prefer a 30-day net and think most if not all bloggers prefer quicker pay as well. This is one of those situations where the high pay makes the wait a bit more worth it.

Influence Central

Of the four, I’ve worked with Influence Central the longest… since back when they were called Mom Central. What I like about Influence Central…

Blog Meets Brand

Okay, I haven’t worked with Blog Meets Brand a whole lot (at least not in the last year). But, I’m beginning to work with them more. And this is one of those occasions where the Account Manager (or Account Coordinator) or the person who reaches out to you if you’ve been selected for an opportunity, makes a world of difference.

The Account Manager I’ve worked with at Blog Meets Brand is amazing. She is not only professional but personable. She replies quickly to questions. She makes you (the blogger/influencer) feel like you are important. If your point of contact is great to work with, it can make a world of difference.

Other reasons I like working with Blog Meets Brand…

Honorable Mentions

As you may have noticed by now, is by far and above the better influencer network to work with, in my honest opinion. Of course, this is just my own personal opinion based on my personal experiences working with these influencer or Blogger Networks.

There are many other influencer networks I’ve worked with over the years that for one reason or another I either don’t work with at all anymore or I rarely apply for opportunities to or they rarely select me for jobs anymore.

For example, there are a couple of networks I work with once or twice a year. They may be wonderful to work with but I’ve worked with them too few times to make a really good informed judgment.

The two things these four networks have in common are, 1). They generally pay bloggers on time (and most of them pay what a blogger is worth) and 2). Good (open) communication.

Whether you are new to blogging or a veteran and you want to get paid for blogging, I cannot recommend the above networks more.  But if you sign up for just one, definitely join

Note: This post was originally written two years ago but I noticed it really needed to be updated. Of the four influencer networks above only one of them is still in the top four, so obviously, this list needs regular updating. I hope these four remain on this list next year.

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