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Beauty Tips for the New Year and a New You

Ladies, does the way you look on the outside reflect how you feel on the inside?  I think it does… at least to some degree.  Now this doesn’t mean I think you have to get all dolled up every day; but we should take the time to pamper ourselves everyday.  Because we are worth it! 

Personally, I can be feeling a little down and go put on some makeup and fix my hair and I’ll feel better.  So even if you don’t go out of the house, use a moisturizer (with an SPF) every day and don’t get in a rut of wearing the worst clothes you have.  You know the ones – the sweat pants with paint stains.

Here are some tips and ideas to start the 2009 year out with that will help you to feel better by looking better.  If you just want to freshen your look up this year these tips are classic and will never go out of style.

Look your best and indulge yourself every day by experimenting with colors, a new shade of lipstick or gloss, or maybe a bronzer for a healthy glow.  Try a new hairstyle or if you really want to be bold a new hair color.  The key is to start with healthy skin and hair and then make the most of it for added beauty.

Learn to make the most with your assets! 

If your best asset is your lips try having fun with lip color.  Lips are one of the easiest ways to be adventurous…after all you can take it off as easy as you put it on:

Have fun with your cosmetics: 

Just as we take care to moisturize and protect our skin, we can’t forget our hair:

Make the most of your hairstyle.  We’ve all seen a gorgeous hairstyle in a magazine and wondered how it would look on us.  A good hairstylist will work with you to achieve the look you want, taking into account the following:

Finally, here are some helpful makeup tips to follow:

Just experiment and try something new this year with your hair and makeup.  If you want to look fresh, new and trendy give some of these suggestions a try.  Also, check out this homemade facial scrubs and this chai sugar scrub.

Do you have a beauty tip you’d like to share?  We would love to hear it!

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