Beyond the Brown Bag—Totes for Lunches

Even if you work in an office with great food facilities, there are many reasons you may want to bring your lunch to the office. You may be on a special diet, want to save money or make the best use of leftovers.

It isn’t so uncommon for office workers to bring their own lunch to work, but you may not want to broadcast that fact with a typical brown bag. You may also want a stylish accessory that will complement your wardrobe and sense of style. Look for a special bag for your lunch, snacks, drinks and extra items.

Keep Your Food Warm or Cold

A regular brown bag won’t keep your food at a certain temperature like an insulated bag will. You can find lunch bags for women with technology that will keep the lettuce in your sandwich from wilting and make sure our yogurt will still be fresh by lunchtime.

You may not be able to keep items ice cold or piping hot, but your food will retain a reasonable temperature and you will have no worries about spoilage. Keep cheese and fruit, luncheon meat sandwiches and salads cool for hours with a seal that will preserve temperature.

No Worries About Leaks

One reason many people avoid bringing their lunch to work is worries about possible leakage from beverages and items that contain liquid.

If you invest in a bag that has leak-proof linings, you won’t have to worry about drops of liquid ruining essential papers. Even if you have strong folders, you also need a way of preventing fluid from escaping from bottles and food containers.

A special lining keeps all areas self-contained to prevent food or drinks of reaching other objects in the bag. The leak-proof lining also resists the growth of bacteria and is easy to clean.

Just the Right Style Lunch Bag

If you find the right type of bag to carry your lunch to work or on a business trip, you may make packing your lunch a regular habit. Look for a range of stylish lunch bags that look like large purses and totes.

No one needs to know that you are carrying your lunch in these accessories that are available in a choice of chic styles. Lunch bags for women don’t even look like lunch bags anymore, they’re very stylish.

Look for quilted varieties or colorful designs that bring liveliness to your workday. Select several lunch bags, some with a professional look and others for more casual occasions.

Enjoy a healthier lunch and save time and money by bringing your lunch to the office. You can stick to your diet, enjoy food that suits your dietary requirements and avoid spending your hard-earned money at the café or canteen.

You don’t have to sacrifice style when you bring your lunch from home but can carry your sandwiches, salads, and other items in lunch bags that appear to be just like regular purses and totes.

Select a few bags from a selection of styles and colors and have something to carry for a regular work day or a special meeting when you want to make an impression. Look for lunch bags with anti-leak features to keep your other items dry and secure.