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American Idol Top 7 Best to Worst

Tonight the Season 8 American Idol contestants went to the movies with songs from the cinema guided by Quentin Tarantino.  Quentin is a big music lover with music playing a big part in his movies, as well as a big American Idol lover (was a guest judge in season 3).  But so help me, Tarantino got on my nerves trying to direct them.  I mean, I love music and sing in the car and shower all the time… this doesn’t mean I should give others instruction/direction on how to sing.

Now that I got that off my chest… here are my favorites from best to worst:

I do think Kris and Adam tied.  From the songs they sung it’s like comparing apples to oranges – their performances couldn’t have been more different.  I loved the tenderness of Kris’ performance just a tad bit more.

I think Lil and Matt tied for last place for me last night.  And not sure which one will go home, but I feel confident it will be one of the two.

If you missed last night’s episode or just want to watch it again… you can catch the full episode here, as well as download the songs they sang through iTunes.

All in all I think they all did quite well.  I think the bottom two are very clear cut… tune in tonight for the result show to see if I am right (or wrong); and watch  guests – Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson (American Idol alumni) perform.

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