American Idol – The result show… and then there were 8

Last night was the fifth elimination show.  The group sang one of my favorite songs Don’t Stop Believin’, from one of my favorite bands of all time, Journey.  Steve Perry has a voice that made many young girls melt.  I saw them in concert in the early eighties and I still have such fond memories of it. 

They showed some behind the scenes with the contestants – just a lot of fun and light moments with them.  They even impersonated each other.  And not very well, I might add.

Ryan had Matt, Megan and kris stand up and walk to the far side of the stage.  He then asks Adam, Lil and Allison to head to the center of the stage.  And finally,  Scott, Danny and Anoop to go to the right side of the stage.  He asks which group will be in the final 3.   Actually I could see one from each of these three groups in the final three.  But if one of these three groups are the final three I’d guess it is Matt, Megan and Kris.  I’m just shocked that Kris would be there though.  Time for a commercial break…

David Cook, last year’s winner sings his new single, Come Back To Me.  Who by the way, was my favorite contestant last year.  Someone in the audience yells out "I love you" and he says "not as much as I love you."  They presented him with a Platinum Record.  He said he put out a solo album in ’06 and sold 1,000 copies in one year  and "to go Platinum in 3 months was just unbelievable."

Back to the results  He starts with Kris and tells him he is safe.  Then Matt is safe… but he misunderstands and thinks he is in the bottom three.  The look of relief on his face is priceless.  And finally Megan -  is in the bottom three and as she goes over to the chair she does some kind of freaky bird impersonation.

Ryan goes to the center three and tells Lil she is safe and Allison is in the bottom three – okay I don’t get it, Allison rocked it last night.  Anyway, Adam safe, thank goodness.

Ryan then approaches the three on the right and tells Danny he is safe.  So down to Scott and Anoop – and Randy says, that based on last night’s performance it should be Anoop.  Anoop agrees that Scott did a better job than he did… and so does America.

So our bottom three are Megan, I definitely agree with, Allison, I definitely disagree with and Anoop, I somewhat agree with.  And before the results are read Lady GaGa performs… I really am not going to comment on her performance.

Okay, they’re back and thankfully he tells Allison to go take a seat.  Ryan says that Megan Joy is the next American Idol contestant to be eliminated.  Ryan asks Simon if Megan is the one they would consider saving and Simon says that she (Megan) told him she didn’t care what he thought earlier in the show and they didn’t care about saving her and giving her another chance, now.  It definitely was personal in tone. 

She seemed to be okay with it.  She tells everyone how much she loved them – her fellow contestants, judges and fans.  Then she grabbed a locket around her neck and said "I’m coming home baby" and started tearing up.   Ryan ends the show saying "Mama is headed home". 

Based on Tuesday night’s performance Megan was the worst by far and America got it right.  I, however, do not believe this is the last we’ll see of Megan Joy. 

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday when the contestants will sing songs from the year they were born.  Until then – were you happy with who went home last night?  I’d love to know what you think of American Idol this season?  Who is your favorite Idol wannabe and why?