4 Ways You May Not Know How Pests Enter Buildings

Many people mistakenly assume pests are only a problem on dirty properties, but the reality is that insects and rodents can enter any type of home or commercial building and you may never even realize it.

If the problem escalates, the only real option is to call a professional pest control company to help you out; but until then, here are some ways pests enter buildings.

4 Ways Pests Enter Buildings

They Can Use the Smallest of Exterior Cracks

Insects and rodents can get through holes and cracked that are much smaller than you would imagine. A cockroach only needs a crack that is 1/16 of an inch to make its way into your home, and once one appears, hundreds can follow. Mice don’t need a space much bigger.

They may look large, especially if you’re scared of them, but mice only need a hold the size of a pencil eraser to find their way inside. If it is has been a while since your last home inspection, now is the time to find all those cracks and holes and seal them up.

They Can Slip Inside Through Garage and Bay Doors

Even sealing up cracks and holes isn’t enough to completely prevent pests from entering your home or place of business. If you leave garage doors or bay doors open while you’re working, it’s much easier for mice and insects to enter your building.

Particularly stealthy ones can even enter your home as you go in and out yourself. Don’t forget to check the weather stripping and frames around your doors and windows to further prevent them from getting inside.

They Like the Roof

Although most insects and rodents will enter from the ground floor, the roof is still a possibility for them, especially if it offers easy access.

Rats especially like to climb and enter buildings through holes they find that are higher than eye level, which is a place that most people don’t think to look for holes and seal them.

If you have trees that hang over the roof, they can also provide an easy way for pests to climb onto the roof and find their way indoors.

They Hitch Rides

No matter how well you protect your home, sometimes pests hitch rides. Cockroaches and bed bugs are especially notorious for finding their way onto clothing or into purses and briefcases and then setting up a new place of residence in your own home.

There isn’t much you can do to prevent this, but periodically cleaning out any bags you bring into your home or office building can help you to keep pests at bay.

If you find signs of pests in your home, such as excrement or chewed food packaging, it is important to call a professional cockroach pest control service. Experienced companies have the knowledge and tools necessary to help you property overcome a pest problem.