I Took the 10-Day #DCLSwitch Skincare Challenge

I received free products to complete a 10-day skincare challenge and to give my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.

Those who know me, know I am a beauty product junkie. I adore all things skincare and makeup. Since a young girl playing in my mom’s makeup I’ve loved trying new beauty products and now as an adult, I still love playing with makeup.

So when DCL Skincare from DermWarehouse asked me to take a 10-day skincare challenge, I said, “Bring it on!”

As a woman in her early <cough> fifties <cough>, I’m always on the lookout for skincare products that will help with fine lines and wrinkles and help me look younger. Anti-Aging skincare products are this gal’s best friend.

The four DCL Skincare products I used for the DCL Switch challenge from DermWarehouse were all anti-aging skin care products. Can I get a “Whoop” for anti-aging?

Here are the four skincare products I received:

#DCLSwitch SkinCare Challenge

Skin Renewal Complex

The DCL Skin Renewal Complex with glycolic acid and SPF is a five-in-one refining hydrator that you apply during the day. I love that it has a built-in SPF-30. The sun is the number one cause of premature aging, and I am of the age where as a teen I tanned regularly. As they say, “When you know better, you do better,” so for years now I use a sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 religiously.

This daytime lotion retexturizes and brightens your skin with 10% glycolic acid, and I definitely can attest to this. My skin feels smoother and softer.

I use the Skin Renewal Complex every morning. It feels light and absorbs quickly. You will experience a light tingling sensation on your face after applying it, but this lets you know it’s working.

Learn more about — DCL Skin Renewal Complex.

Peptide Plus Cream

The DCL Peptide Plus Cream with active peptides boasts being light years ahead moisture rich cream with 7 multi-functional, clinically active peptides, plus four anti-aging complexes…

  • Moisturizing
  • Protecting
  • Brightening
  • Rejuvenating

I love this moisturizer! It’s rich and creamy but absorbs quickly leaving my face soft and supple. I do feel like it is rejuvenating my skin and my face is brighter. I apply it twice a day, in the morning after the Skin Renewal Complex and before going to bed.

Learn more about the — DCL Peptide Plus Cream.

Hydra Boost Finishing Serum

The DCL Hydra Boost Finishing Serum with hyaluronic acid claims it is for the most driest and sensitive of skins. I have sensitive skin (I have eczema) and the Hydra Boost Finishing Serum hasn’t irritated my skin at all. It’s a very lightweight serum that deeply hydrates your skin while sealing in and intensifying the benefits of other treatment products you use.

I use the Finishing Serum after using the Skin Renewal Complex and the Peptide Plus Cream in the mornings. You only need a little bit of the serum, it goes a long way. It goes on almost sheer-like to help firm your skin and eases fine lines and wrinkles.

My face feels more firm and tight, and I see a little difference in the fine lines on my face, especially on my neck. Learn more about the — Hydra Boost Finishing Serum.

C-Scape High Potency Night Booster 30

On the DermWarehouse website, it says the DCL C-Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 with 30% L-ascorbic acid is a “Vitamin C-filled, age-preventing, collagen-boosting dynamo for all skin types. ” The Night Booster has a pleasant citrus smell, goes on smoothly, and works while you sleep.

It contains 30% concentration of L-ascorbic acid and Vitamin C complex that is released on the skin not only immediately, but throughout the night as you sleep. It helps improve elasticity, which is something we lose as we age. I’m noticing my face and neck is tighter, firmer. There are focused brighteners to help even out skin tone. Yes, my skin tone is actually evening out.

I’ve been using the C-Scape High Potency Night Booster every other night, but you can use it nightly. Learn more about the — DCL C-Scape High Potency Night Booster.

My Results

As you can see for yourself, there is definitely some improvement in my skin… both with the fine lines underneath my eyes and my crows feet, as well as with my sunspots. My skin is smoother, brighter, and has more of a glow to it. My skin tone is more evened out, not as splotchy. You can tell in the photos above that my skin tone is more even, but in person, you can tell even more.

My makeup is going on smoother, and I’ve been noticing that it takes a little less makeup to get the same coverage. I’m not sure why that is, but I like it.

I’m very happy with the switch to DCL skincare products, and I’m looking forward to seeing more long term effects with continual use.

If you’d like to take the #DCLSwitch, go to DermWarehouse and purchase the DCL Skincare line. I love that they have FREE shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and NO tax (excl. Ohio).

And if you order by May 15th, use CODE: SAFESKIN for 15% off your order.

Hurry and join the 10-Day #DCLSwitch skincare challenge and see the difference for yourself. And speaking as a mom, this DCL Skincare line would make a great Mother’s Day gift. Just saying.