Wordless Wednesday: Hummingbird Moth #ww

More beautiful photography by my dear friend, Mary Williamson.

Hummingbird Moth Nature Photography

Hummingbird Moth nature photography



  1. The color and detail is breathtaking. Just gorgeous! Nature is art!

  2. Fascinating, I was wondering what this insect was – been seeing them around this summer too! Lovely shot.

  3. Beautiful! I love these moths, there are always a ton of them on my back porch enjoying my large patch of bee balm!

  4. Wow, I have never seen one of those before. Beautiful!

  5. Your friend Mary always takes gorgeous shots! She should consider selling them as prints.

  6. Wow, those are really pretty pictures. So vibrant.

  7. Gorgeous. I’ve never heard of the hummingbird moth but it’s aptly named!

  8. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but great pictures.

  9. These are awesome. There is so much detail in them

  10. Wow, I didn’t know that moths could be so pretty. Great photo.

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