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Why Having Your Own Stylist Is the Best Decision You’ll Make

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: June 11, 2012 | Categories: Fashion, Guest Posts, Hair, Health and Beauty, Skin Care and Beauty

Guest Post

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In life when we have problems, we go to a professional to solve the problem. Whether it’s medical, financial or personal we want the best. We want the best solution possible. From the age of 5 we have dressed ourselves and feel that is something we should do ourselves but is it? A stylist knows what look works and more importantly knows
what look doesn’t work. By using a stylist we can find the look that is perfect for us.

Tired and frustrated with your look? Well a stylist can reinvent it by changing the way you do things. They are going to tell you what to wear and this will result in a look that kills. Your friends will want to know how you do it.

People look at the cover of magazines and watch red carpet shows wondering how it is that celebrities look so good? It isn’t that they go to the same West Hollywood hair salon. That is no secret – the answer is stylists. Some people feel they don’t deserve or warrant having a stylist but why not? How is it any different from going to a dentist to clean your teeth?

Your friends and family aren’t always going to be honest with you. A stylist is going to be brutally honest with you. The other advantage of a stylist is that they know what the trends are in and what is on the way out. Also they may have access to great deals for things fashion and beauty which can be expensive.

While he or she may not do your hair, the stylist can recommend a salon to you that will be a great match for you. Even if a person isn’t 100% happy with their salon, it is too much trouble to change and go to a new one. Invariably people don’t have the time or can’t make the effort to try a salon, so just go back to their regular one. The stylist doesn’t have the same problem and will tell you flat out which is the best place to go.

So all those pet peeves you had such as it being dirty and not being on time will disappear. Having a stylist is like having your own ambassador. They can go into bat for you and make sure that you aren’t messed around with.

So if you have problems or issues justifying the cost of a stylist, you shouldn’t. Nor should your husband! The advice they give you is going to pay for itself. All that money you felt you wasted when you got a bad haircut, bought the wrong clothes or purchased the wrong make-up is going to stop. From now on you are going to feel a million dollars, all the time. Isn’t that worth it?

Selena Smith writes about fashion and beauty, specializing on West Hollywood hair salons. When not doing this, she likes to go on walks with her dog Rambo.

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