In the third-season opener of Man v. Wild, Bear is dropped into Baja, Mexico, where he must survive the challenges of the desert, including being blinded by bee stings and facing down a deadly diamondback rattlesnake. Bear Gryll is a British adventurer who faces survival situations.  I by no meansRead More →

I was watching the game show Wanna Bet tonight and Melissa Peterman was one of the celebrity judges…she is one funny woman! First, if you haven’t seen Wanna Bet yet, it is a new show on ABC, where celebrity judges can earn money for charity by betting on the successRead More →

Marlie Casseus (born 1992) is a Hatian teenager, who attracted media attention when she received four surgeries to remove an 18-pound growth from her face that threatened her ability to eat, breathe, and see, according to Wikipedia. In her native Haiti, the growth on Marlie Casseus's face is believed byRead More →

At, you can register for free and join a community with over 2 million members.  At you'll find much more than Lifetime tv listings. The Lifetime network, a channel renown for its support and coverage of movies and issues pertaining to women, has a wonderful web site.  MyRead More →

 Actress Christina Applegate has reportedly been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. From the Boston Globe — Ame Van Iden, the 36-year-old Applegate's publicist, released this statement: "Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection throughRead More →