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Tower Dog

Tower Dog – One who climbs and constructs the tallest man made structures on earth…according to the Tower Dog web site. 

Tonight on Dateline they are featuring a story about Tower Dogs.  I find this interesting because I am scared of heights and it is hard for me to fathom how or why people would choose this as an occupation.  But my hats off to those that choose this as a profession.

They will be exploring the dangerous job done by tower climbers, workers who rise high to install and maintain high-tech communications towers for cell-phone, Internet and broadcast systems.  Included:  a visit with a single mother, and former cheerleader, who serves as a crew boss.*

According to figures cited by OSHA, these so-called tower dogs have the highest death rate per capita of any occupation in the country.  While watching this episode about 'Tower Dogs' they featured a young man named Cody Pond, and all I could think of was how worried his mother must be.  He travels 300 days a year around the United States climbing towers and risking his life on an almost daily basis.

One thing is for sure, this job is not for the faint of heart!  Would you like to be a tower dog?  Let us know.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy life!!!


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