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Top Five Kids Springtime Craft Ideas!

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: May 4, 2013 | Categories: Arts and Crafts
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Image by Ryan McFarland

Spring bank holidays and half terms can be a stressful period of time when you are trying to find ways of occupying your children. Here are few craft ideas that will help to keep them out of trouble and get them in the springtime mood!

Festive Masks
Kids love to dress up so how about creating some bunny or chick template masks for them to decorate and wear? All you will need is some card, elasticated string and various materials for them to decorate with, such as cotton wool and pipe cleaners. Before you know it small chicks and rabbits will be hopping all around your house!

Spring Hats
A great addition to any spring time outfit is the traditional straw hat or bonnet, so why not help them design their own? A novelty for kids, they will no doubt enjoy showing it off to friends and family when they visit.

For girls, you can make my personal favourite the bonnet, decorated with flowers, ribbons and anything else they would like.

For boys, a cowboy hat decorated with a ribbon holding homemade badges of their favourite action characters wouldn’t go amiss.

Spring Time Baking
This is a great opportunity to get them into the kitchen and help you bake for tea time. There are tonnes of ideas out there on the web! Marzipan and fondant icing are great for moulding into edible animals to decorate cupcakes.

Start your children off by colour dying some edible goodies and then you can leave them to mess around independently. Chocolate bird nests are my other favourite; pour some melted chocolate over shredded wheat or cornflakes and mould into cupcake cases. Add some chocolate eggs and voilà!

How about some spring decorations to brighten up your living room? Kids can be kept busy for hours colouring, sticking and gluing brilliant creations! Spring time is all about flowers emerging, so why not help them create a lovely bunch of brightly coloured paper ones?

There are two excellent tutorials on how to make tulips here and Daffodil pinwheels here. Pipe cleaners are also excellent for making miniature insects such as bees to sit alongside.

Outdoor Activities
Now is the time to start encouraging your child to get some fresh air by playing outside. There are so many things you can get them to do, from decorating plant pots to grow their own miniature herb plants in, to teaching them how to use daisy weeds to make chains and caterpillars.

Get them to design their own chalk hopscotch or snakes and ladder game on your front drive way which they will then spend hours playing with. Another incredible idea is to teach them how to build a tepee for your back garden which they can then decorate to their hearts content.

There are so many spring craft activities you could get involved with. Remember to cover their working space with an oilcloth tablecloth to make it easy for you to clean up after. It’s also a great idea to check out what free craft events are happening at museums and libraries within your local area.

Have you got any brilliant spring craft activities you would like to share? Please post them below.

Kayleigh Fuller is an arts and cultural heritage enthusiast and keen writer for Wipe Easy Tablecloths. She loves to have any opportunity to get crafty and can’t wait to start seeing the sun again!


12 Responses to Top Five Kids Springtime Craft Ideas!

  1. Mellisa says:

    Thanks for the fun ideas.

  2. I like the outdoor ones!

  3. Thank you for these ideas, I think we will be doing all of these at some point this year. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to be outdoors with my son. I might do a small container garden.

  5. Kathleen says:

    My boys would love all of these.

  6. the kids are always so active during the summer sometimes I just want to slow things down and catch lightening bugs with them

  7. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Leilani says:

    I’d love to build a teepee in our backyard with the girls. They’d probably love it.

  9. Tammy says:

    I love the ideas in the Springtime Baking – I’ve never thought of letting the kids play with Fondant.

  10. Toni says:

    My daughter and son just made pinwheels with construction paper and pencils and tacks.

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