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The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic

We use water filters in our home. Because try as I might, I just don’t trust the public water systems. I want my tap water filtered. I rarely buy bottled water either… unless I’m out all day and have run out of water that I’ve brought from home. I am convinced that most bottled water isn’t as safe as tap water.

I know and appreciate that tap water has come a long way, but I don’t have full confidence in it. In fact, just yesterday, our water looked like it had soap in it when I turned it on.


I’m sure they were treating it at the moment, but I don’t want to think about the chemicals they use to treat it.

In the infographic below I learned that the EPA recently discovered 18 unregulated chemicals that were present in more than 1/3rd of tested public water systems.

That’s just scary.

I am thankful for water filters that give me some peace of mind. I feel better knowing my family is drinking filtered water. We drink a lot of water, especially our son, and I want to know the water we drink is clean.

I learned a lot about drinking water from ‘The Miracle of Clean Water’ infographic. Check it out for yourself:


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