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The Best Vacation I’ve Ever Taken – Caneel Bay St. John Virgin Islands

I was thinking about the best vacation I’ve ever taken and while looking back over the photos we took I can remember the week so vividly. In March of 1998 my husband and I went to St. John, USVI for a 7 day/7 night vacation. It was heavenly.

We stayed on Caneel Bay at the Rosewood Resort. The resort has 7 white sand beaches with crystal clear blue waters. Caneel Bay is an island and the resort is the only thing on the island. So it was a week of pure relaxation and fun.  The rooms have no phones or TVs…. no technology.

No distractions. No hustle and bustle. No pressures or deadlines.

This was before we had our son and while we were there I don’t think we saw more than 3 kids on the entire island. They do welcome families, but I think it is more targeted towards couples.  There is a lot of peace and quiet for sure. And at least one of the beaches is very isolated. So you can take a picnic lunch and have a whole beach to yourself, if you time it just right.

I’ve enjoyed many vacations before and after the Caribbean vacation, but I’m not sure if any will ever top it. Plus another reason that made it so wonderful was that my husband’s employers at the time paid for everything. I mean everything. We did not spend a penny from the time we arrived at the airport and back home after the week long vacation.

Nothing beats rest, relaxation, a beach, delicious 4-course meals, and being treated like royalty for free.

Here are a few photos from our St. John/Virgin Island vacation:

Leaving St. Thomas for the boat ride to St. John’s Caneel Bay
The boat ride to St. John Caneel Bay
Arriving at Caneel Bay
Sunset Cruise
It really was breathtaking…
You could have a private dinner for two inside the ruins… very romantic
This is one of the top 5 best experiences of my life
Star Fish 🙂
Loved this beautiful blue fish 🙂
School of fish. They were almost translucent.
So peaceful…
My husband had so much fun!
We heard a tapping sound at our cottage door one night and open the door to find a donkey. He let us pet him. 🙂
Leaving St. John to St. Thomas and back home. A wonderful vacation and a little (okay, a lot) sad to leave.

We’re looking forward to going back to St. John on a second honeymoon, maybe.

What was your favorite vacation?

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