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How To Talk To Your Teen About Bullying

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: May 16, 2019 | Categories: Education, Parenting
talk about bullying

The fact that previous generations of tweens and teens didn’t have cyberbullying to contend with may be a contributing factor in what seems like the rising desperation of victims. It’s not easy talking to your teen about bullying, especially if you don’t already have open communication going on between you and your teens. Tragically, a […]

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Parenting Your Parents – The Day Will Come

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: October 3, 2013 | Categories: Family and Health, Guest Posts

Guest Post Photo Credit: Terry Duschinski We laughed about it, but that was before we realized the warning it indicated. My mother-in-law answered the phone that rang for the first time in an apartment in a seniors’ complex into which we were moving her and my father-in-law. Thinking the call might be related to logistics […]

Divorce and Your Kids: 3 Ways to Ease Their Pain

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: January 9, 2013 | Categories: Family and Health, Guest Posts, Parenting

Guest Post Image Source Divorce can be a difficult time for anyone – especially children. Regardless of their age, children can feel very uncertain with all the changes that are taking place. Below are 3 ways to ease their pain while going through a divorce. 1. Enhance Communication Great communication is key with your children […]