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Summer Vacation: Is Travel Insurance Really Necessary?

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Every year, many people look forward to summer vacation. Families have the opportunity to relax and strengthen bonds, as do couples and friends. One of the most intriguing things about travel is the chance to see and try new things. During these times, being out of a customary environment presents situations that are specific to travel. For instance, navigating around can be challenging, with airline, rail and other delays. Thankfully, travel insurance can alleviate anxiety about things like delays, lost luggage and stolen property.


One of the most important aspects of planning a trip during the summer is safety. Over the summer season there are more people out and about than most other times of year. This means that it is usually more hectic at airports and on roads. Keep in mind that planning ahead makes for a better trip, since dealing with the unknown and schedule changes are commonplace.


Before making any decisions, conduct research to find out about logistics. Knowing what it will take to do certain activities will allow you to make better decisions. For instance, review the areas to be visited for best times, and less traffic and congestion. Also consider the safety of the areas to be visited and avoid the ones that could be unsavory.

Travel Insurance

Quite a few people wonder if having travel insurance in place is actually necessary. Some believe that having a medical plan is usually enough to cover traveling medical emergencies.

According to the professionals at Monkey insurance located in the UK:”Everyone should have travel insurance, and it’s not just us as insurance brokers who think this. Newspaper travel section columnists and consumer magazines all strongly recommend purchasing a policy before you go on holiday to protect you against everything from lost luggage to the holiday provider going bankrupt.” However, there are far more incidents that can occur that would not be covered without a form of travel insurance in place. For instance:

1. Many medical insurance policies have restrictions as to where services may be rendered. Some plans only cover a limited number of services or those to be rendered in the town or country of residence. Also, medical policies rarely cover evacuation or other necessary services to render medical care. What happens, then, should a medical emergency occur while on the road? Travel insurance can cover for these types of deficiencies.

2. People often choose flights and other travel services based upon the best deals offered. Usually this involves a no refund policy. As such, if there is any travel disruption, money paid could easily be lost. Travel insurance usually offers coverage for trip and flight cancellation. This means that, should a trip be canceled due to weather or medical reasons, the costs would be reimbursed.

3. Most everyone has heard a horror story relating to lost baggage. Aside from lost clothing, there may be other expensive items like prescriptions which lost baggage coverage would insure.

4. Another common issue that travelers experience is stolen wallets and passports. Without those two key items, it is virtually impossible to get around. Travel insurance policies can include coverage for these instances or a rider can be issued to assure a safe return home.

Traveling Children

Most children enjoy going on vacation as much as everyone else. However, parents should keep in mind that some kids adapt to new surroundings better than others. First, talk about the trip with the kids, no matter how old they are. This can help them prepare for what occurs while traveling such as long bouts in the car or on an airplane.

Preparing ahead for travel with kids makes the whole process more enjoyable for everyone. Since there are usually disruptions in eating, play time and sleeping schedules, be prepared with snacks and toys that travel well.

Travel is essentially an investment in well being. Just like any other investment, it should be protected adequately. While planning for travel, people do research, confirm reservations, pack their belongings and attend to other details, which should also include arranging for travel insurance. This will give them peace of mind knowing that frustration and costs can be minimized in the event of an unfortunate travel mishap.

Being an avid traveler gives Nadine Swayne the insight to offer this article. Advice from the professionals at Monkey insurance at, about travelers insurance, can give one ease of mind when booking a vacation. Along with offering various insurance policies, they are also a company that gives back to different charities to allow the consumer a ‘feel good’ purchase.

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