Steps of recovery with Alopecia Hair loss, an organic approach

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Firstly what is Alopecia? Alopecia hair loss is a form of baldness which can either be on the head or on the body. With Alopecia, hair can fall out all at once and this is known as Alopecia Universal and Alopecia Totalis or in stages and this Alopecia Areata. With all forms of Alopecia however steps can be taken to grow your hair back, it is all in the mind set and positive thinking, what we call the organic approach.

Stress is a main trigger in provoking Alopecia and it is how you deal with stress that can positively grow hair back. So what are the main steps in changing your mind set and becoming more positive, here is a list of main things to consider:

Find peace within yourself

The mind needs to accept the hair loss condition, it needs to understand that a condition has occurred but there is a cure. When a person can accept themselves for who they are they will become more at ease with a situation. Starting with positive thinking brings peace, if you worry that draws in negativity which provokes stress more so finding that peace will allow oneself to move forward.

Stay relaxed

Why rush through life when you can pace yourself, allowing the body and mind to rest will provoke positive energy and fuel the body. Once a body is relaxed it disconnects from fear, loss, worry all of which provokes Alopecia hair loss. If a person plans on running away from a hair loss condition out of fear it will affect the future as it is not coming to terms with the condition, it is vitally important that a person becomes comfortable in a difficult situation in order to relax the body. It has often been pushed that an Alopecia sufferer should relax through exercises, yoga and Pilates are very good exercises that help clear the mind and body and is highly recommended.

Change your lifestyle diet

If you are suffering from Alopecia hair loss, take a step to change your diet as this will have an impact on the quality and amount of hair that grows back. Some foods that help with hair loss regrowth are carrots which are full in vitamin B, Salmon which is good with omega and fish oil and fruits which are full of goodness. Cleanse your body by drinking liters of water a day, this helps release the toxins in the body and make way for fresh hair.

Mind set factors to always follow

Most importantly if you suffer from a hair loss condition remember to be confident, strong and have faith as all of these factors will mend you organically, no need for harsh medications.

If you trust in yourself to recover you will have the motivation to cure the problem, believing in yourself is a top priority. It is advised to never follow emotions as it is this set of different reactions that can push hair to fall out, ditch the emotions and invest a new improved self goal!

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