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Spending Time With Your Spirit – Five Tips for Relaxation

When it comes to relaxation, few things are better than getting in touch with your spiritual side. All of us are spiritual human beings but the majority of us never embrace that part of our inner being.

We spend most of our time here in “reality” and there is little doubt that is a contributing factor to our stress levels going through the roof.

Reality as it is known now is rather frustrating and filled with tension…. bills, money problems, family problems and conflict are all around us.

Learning to tap into our spirit can cleanse us of those things and allow us to take a mental break. That, in turn, will help us to relax and feel better physically as well. Here are some suggestions for tapping into that spirit side of our beings and finding relaxation:

Get to know your maker

While not everyone believes in God, most people understand that we came from somewhere and have a notion about that. If your beliefs are God based, there is a good chance you experience what I am referring to here as prayer or connection with God.

If not, then you can get in touch with your maker simply by allowing your mind to relax and contemplating the issue. When we think about where we came from, the answers will start to take shape. My advice is to follow your mind’s eye and keep an open mind.

Take in the stars

Another great way to tap into your spirit quickly is to observe the cosmos. Few things allow us to think about our soul automatically but the sky certainly does. The limitless universe is laid out before us and a blanket under the stars is the ultimate in relaxation.

Take up meditation

It sounds cliche but meditation is the ultimate relaxation method. It takes time and dedication to find that special spot in your mind, but anyone can do it. Make up your mind to master the techniques and you will find peace that is beyond all understanding in time.

Meditation is a wonderful way to turn off the stressors of your life.

Volunteer with sick children

It seems as though this would be contradictory but nothing could be further from the truth. When you see the smiles on these children’s faces, you will quickly understand a peaceful spirit. Your heart will ache, but your spirit will soar.The bravery they show and courage they infuse you with will power you forward.

Best of all, you will be making a huge difference in their lives while you do it. Check with your hospital to find out about opportunities that are available.

Keep a daily journal of your thoughts

Many of us have trouble getting in touch with our spiritual side and relaxing simply because we have trouble recognizing it when it surfaces. If you are not used to getting into your own mind and resting, you will have some trouble at first.

It takes practice to sit in the spirit. Keeping a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings can go a very long ways towards helping you find your way. Our words are a gateway to our soul and exercising that part of ourselves is good for us.

Writing will give you a peaceful feeling and help you turn off the worries of the day. Eventually you will get to where you look forward to the journal writing. Just give it a shot.

These are only a handful of the ideas and tips for relaxation that can help you get in touch with your spirit. Give them a try and you will quickly notice you are having longer and longer periods of relaxation.

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