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Snot, Phlegm, Puke – Terms We Moms Know Well


My li'l guy has been sick for the past few days. It's more sinus/allergy related, but he has a very weak stomach, so the phlegm, and constant drainage, makes him sick and he throws up. Then he is afraid to eat, because he'll throw up, so he becomes weaker. The constant coughing (like a seal), that does not let up for more than 3 seconds if he is awake, wears him out.

He slept a lot yesterday. And thankfully around 6pm, he started feeling a little better. This morning he is feeling even better. He still feels tired, but has an appetitie now. Unfortunately, I had to work Thursday and Friday, so I couldn't tend to him like I normally do. My hubby was able to take care of him, and I have to say — what a great job he did, too. I still feel there's no one like mommy… when your sick, though.  🙂

I'm just glad that I had my husband here to help. And really glad, that he is feeling better. It is a horrible feeling when our kids are sick, and we can't make them better. 

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