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The Skinny on Running Shoes

I’m not a runner. Although I did give running a… running chance, I ended up having trouble with my right knee.

Maybe my trouble was the wrong running shoes. I would definitely give running another try, so I’ll be looking for the perfect running shoe, and see if that might remedy my knee problem.

The running shoe is designed to give you the optimum running experience through modern science and ergonomics, the perfect running shoe has been created for the specific act of running.

It seems brands like New Balance  and Ascics are pushing forward the art of shoe design and creating shoes that both protect our feet and enhance the running experience.

Since it’s been about seven years since I seriously tried to run, I bet the running shoe has come a long way. I saw a pair of New Balance running shoes the other day that caught my eye… I just may go back and get them.

I am trying to get in more exercise, but it’s difficult to find the time. Running would help me to burn as much calories walking, but in less time.

While I was researching running shoes I ran (pun intended) across this infographic, that breaks down the 10 parts of a running shoe — what to look for and what the purpose of it is. Here’s the skinny on running shoes:

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