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Scarves Are The Must Have Accessory

Scarves Must Have Accessories

I love accessories, especially scarves. They’re so versatile and you can change the look and feel of an outfit so easily with a scarf.  One of the things I love about the cooler weather is getting out all my scarves.

I generally wear my scarves in the fall and winter, and the beginning of spring, but after seeing this infographic, I can’t wait to wear scarves this summer. It’s all about the material… a silk or satin scarf is perfect for summer months and a chunky wool or cashmere scarf is perfect for winter.

I also love how a scarf can be worn as another accessories besides a… scarf. It’s easy to turn a scarf into a belt or headband, and even an anklet, which I would have never thought of before.

Two of my favorite ways to wear scarves is to dress monochromatic in winter white, black, grey, navy, or chocolate brown, and add a colorful scarf for a pop of color and the other is animal print scarves. My favorite scarf is a leopard print in browns and black, it just makes me feel good when I’m wearing it.

Check out this essential how-to wear guide for every season and see why scarves are the must have accessory:

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