Santa Fe Tilapia #WW

My new favorite entree – the Santa Fe Tilapia at O’Charley’s.


  1. Never been much of a fan of tilapia… would totally love to not cook for a change though…lol.

  2. Two of my favorites in one place. We go to O’Charley’s when we visit the inlaws and I like tilapia.

  3. Looks really great. I have never eaten tilapia before and heard that it is kind of bland, but it is great source of protein. Their dish looks completely inviting!

  4. It looks yummy.I like fry tilapia!!

  5. I love all white fish, especially tilapia, so I’m super jealous!

  6. I’m not much of a fish person, but this looks really good.

  7. im not a fish person but this looks really good

  8. Not a fish gal, but I’ll try anything once.

  9. Looks so good, when I saw the pic I was hoping it was a recipe! lol

  10. That looks yummy. We don’t have an O’Charley’s here but there are some near my in-laws where we visit.

  11. yummmm

  12. Tilapia is one of my favorite fishes. This look delicious!

  13. I’ve never tried Tilapia and I don’t like fish but this looks SO good

  14. Yum! We eat tilapia a couple of times a week at home since it’s affordable as far as fish goes.

  15. I’m not a big fan of fish but I’m sure my husband would love this

  16. We have been looking for a new way to make tilapia and this looks awesome. Thank you for sharing.

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