Now that school is back in full swing I’m struggling to find healthy foods and snacks for my son.  So it was nice to hear that Oscar Mayer Lunchables were making their Lunchables healthier. It’s difficult sometimes to find things that my somewhat picky eater will eat that I canRead More →

Happy Birthday to me! Oh, wait… it’s not my birthday. But on Wednesday, it sure felt like it was. I had the pleasure of reviewing one of ProFlowers Birthday Baskets. ProFlowers boasts “a fresh connection” – all their flowers are delivered freshly picked from their farms in California and sentRead More →

On Monday, I put a square (or two, or three…) of pure, smooth, delectable milk chocolate and creamy peanut butter into my mouth. Heavenly. Delightful. Scrumptious. Mouth-watering.  I could go on and on, describing the delicious taste of this beautiful combination of chocolate and peanut butter but I’m not sureRead More →