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Post Workout Beauty Tips for the Busy Woman

Guest Post

Some days it feels like the to-do list never ends, it’s always one thing after the other. As women, we are always busy, but yet we always want to be making sure we look our best. Some days the only time to fit in that 30 minute cardio is to squeeze it in during our lunch time. Now if only we also had the time to shower, apply the make-up and curl our hair after those workouts.

Yet in reality, we are lucky to have the 30 minutes for a workout. Now instead of using the excuse of no shower and prep time after to skip out on your workout all together, here are a few great beauty tips, some of which can be found on FitSugar’s site that you can check out here. These tips will help you to look just as good as you did when you left the office, and leave the post-workout look behind.

First and foremost, make sure to bring a change of clothes and your sneakers to work.
This includes socks, a sports bra and undergarments. Nothing is a sure fire way to lose coworkers as friends than sitting in your sweaty clothes all day after lunch.

If you can, choose cardio workouts for when you are not pressed for time. Doing your strength training workouts on days when you have little time will leave you far less sweaty afterwards.

If cardio is your preference for the day, try to stay as cool as possible. There are many cardio machines such as FreeMotion 770 Interactive Treadmill that comes equipped with fans to help keep you cool during your workout. But if your treadmill is an older model and lacks a fan, you can always bring a cold towel and apply during your workout session.

Make sure to wear workout clothes madefrom synthetic fabrics, which are usually lightweight, breathable and designed to stay dry. They will keep you cool during workouts by allowing sweat to quickly evaporate through your clothes.

According to FitSugar’s article, “skip the shower and clean off with body wipes instead. Or, if you don’t have an issue with dry skin, ordinary sanitized wipes that contain alcohol will cool the skin more quickly.” That way you do not have to spend the extra time in the shower, getting your hair wet and washing away the day’s already done makeup.

Make sure to keep your hair up in a light bun or high ponytail during your workout to save it from the sweat that may fall down your neck and face. To remove any sweat that may accumulate on the hair line, use dry shampoo
or baby powder (if you have lighter hair) to soak up the moisture. A lot of dry powder hair products will also help your hair to smell better from the sweaty smell left behind.

Remove your face makeup before your workout to help decrease any chances of breakouts. Fitsugar suggests wearing waterproof mascara, “then just before your workout, spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly under each eye”
to help prevent any smudges that may accumulate under the eyes. Being that eye makeup usually takes the longest, you’ll have those all done and you can then just reapply your base and blush and be brand new in no time. Your skin should already be radiant and rosy, due to the increasing blood flow exercise causes.

You can double the baby powder from your hair and use on your feet as well. After taking off your workout socks, and before putting your workout shoes back on, apply some baby powder to help soak up the sweat and odor from your feet.

Using these tips will help you fit in those workouts, without the added pressure of having to rush to look good afterwards, leaving you more time to focus on your workout.

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Jentry Nielsen is a college student, along with being a fitness and health nut who writes about fitness on NordicTrackCoupons.com.

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