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How to Pick the Perfect Pageant Dress

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Pageants are exciting events that, even without the competitive nature of them, are still quite fun. After all, what girl doesn’t like the opportunity to dress up and show off? For pageants in particular, paying careful attention to every aspect of your appearance is of the utmost appearance, because you’ll be judged by how you look.

The most important tool in your pageant-winning arsenal is your dress. The right pageant dress can earn you high-ranking marks, so when you’re shopping the selection of evening pageant dresses and gowns at, consider these guidelines:

Accentuate Your Body Type.

If you don’t know what dress styles flatter your body type, then now’s the time to find out. Typically short women should avoid short dresses, as they end up making you look like a block.

If you are pear-shaped (larger bottom), opt for a ruched finish to avoid an unflatteringly-snug fit. Less endowed women will benefit from sweetheart necklines, whereas busty women can choose between rounded and V-shaped necklines. Patterns do best on simply-cut gowns, whereas solid colors are the preferable choice for full skirts and sashes.

Pick colors that complement, not clash.

Your hair color and skin tone will say a lot about the colors you should gravitate towards. Pick colors that don’t make you look washed out or garish. If you have a light complexion, stay away from whites, creams, and yellows; and if you have a darker complexion, jewel tones are always a sure thing.

Pick an Age-Appropriate Style.

For teenagers, gowns that resemble a little black dress are out of the question, as are low-cut dresses and skirts with high slits. For older women, steer clear of the dresses that are clearly designed for the younger generation. If a dress looks like it would be great for a prom, then chances are, it’s too young for you.

Shop with a Professional.

When in doubt, choose the assistance of an experienced dress maker or even women who have many years of experience with pageants or other formal events. Even makeup and hair stylists may have practical suggestions for styles and colors of pageant dresses that suit you.

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