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Some people ride a motorcycle because they can’t afford a car. Men and women alike ride motorcycles, and it is one of the cheapest forms of transportation for them. Others ride a motorcycle as a hobby. But to most of them, it is more than a hobby, it has something to do with passion.

This group of people is not made up of only men but women as well. As long as you have a passion for riding a motorcycle, there is no age limit. We have seen many elderly people still riding bikes.

These people are not riding any normal, conventional bikes. They are riding bikes ranging from Harley-Davidson, KTM Super Duke, Triumph Street Twin, Yamaha Superbikes, mountain bikes, etc., just to name a few.

Some have a passion for vintage bikes, and some have modified their bikes to suit their style or for better performance. They form their own groups, and they travel in groups to many places on their bikes.

Keeping and maintaining one of these vintage or modern superbikes is expensive and sometimes, getting the required parts for these vintage bikes may not be easy.

To own one of these bikes, you will have to know where to obtain the required parts because very few keep these expensive parts in stock.

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