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New Web Site – – Is Your Neighborhood Safe

Have you heard about the new web site from Peoplefinders that enables you to search for criminals in your own neighborhood. is a free criminal search site that equips consumers with up-to-date information on criminals and sex offenders in their own communities.

In theory, this web site is a wonderful thing.  Especially for single women and families with children.  It provides you with the opportunity to check out a neighborhood before purchasing a home to make sure it is safe.

I checked out and plugged in my address, as well as everyone else's address I know, to see if there are any criminals living amongst us.  The thing you have to be aware of is that not "all criminals are alike".  What I mean is that they list criminals with V (violent) records, S (Sexual) crimes and O (other) all together.  And O (other) can be, and most likely is, a traffic violation, such as speeding.

When you go to the site, click on Neighborhood Watch, then type in the address you want to check out.  A map of that neighborhood pops up with letters representing what type a crime that person has committed.  There is a  legend above the map to tell you what each letter represents.

As I said I think that this site can be very beneficial in finding a neighborhood that is safe (or safer) to live in.  If you have children you can check to see if there are any sex offenders nearby that you need to be aware of.

However, I think that this site could be harmful if not used with common sense.  Just remember that you could find your name on there if you have had a speeding ticket. 

So just don't jump to the conclusion that your neighborhood, or potential neighborhood is a cesspool of evil crime doers. 

What do you think of criminal searches?  If you have an opinion, we would love to hear it!

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