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My Favorite PJs – Eeyore Onsie

This is a sponsored post for Richard Leeds International organized by Southern Mom Loves.

I’m not gloomy, just getting into character. 🙂

I found my favorite PJs. Finally! That’s saying a lot for a PJ loving gal like me. It also took a very long time. I’ve tested lots of pajamas over the years and I consider myself a PJ connoisseur. I’ve either been a stay at home mom or a work from home mom for many years now and although I do not wear pajamas every day, I do work in my PJs often… especially during the winter months.

So it’s important that PJs are comfortable above all else and keep me warm without making me sweat. I am picky when it comes to pajamas. I know what I want and need but it’s not always easy to know in a store if a pair of PJs are going to be right for me until after I’ve bought them and worn them a night (or day) or so.

This is why I am beyond excited to have found my absolute favorite PJs! I recently received a licensed one-piece PJ with a character hood in soft microfleece. The character of my PJs is Eeyore!

This is what really pushed these pajamas over for me. Eeyore! I have always been a huge Winnie the Pooh fan. Since I was a child and long before I had my son, I’ve had a love for all things Pooh, especially Eeyore. Yes, Eeyore may be pessimistic and gloomy, the total opposite of me, but you can’t help but love that donkey.

I wish my blog had a way for you to feel how soft this microfleece onsie feels. I need to check into some kind of “Feelavision” technology, because you really need to feel them. But they aren’t thick or heavy, so you don’t feel too hot or sweaty in them. It was so cold the other day and I stayed warm and comfortable.

They are perfect!

My Favorite PJs

I can wear my Richard Leeds International Eeyore one-piece hooded microfleece PJs to sleep in, as well as wear them all day long doing whatever I do. In fact, that’s just what I did the other day…

Like taking my son to school…
… and cooking.
They made cleaning tolerable…
Even while exercising…
I took in a game of foosball.
I did a little light, and not so light reading.
Enjoying a cool, crisp, sunny day…
While decorating the tree (yes, that’s a Pooh ornament). I went against one of my cardinal rules to never decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving… but I had my reasons.

I was exhausted and had to take a nap. It’s easy to see why the Richard Leeds International one-piece pajamas is my favorite PJs.

I love my Richard Leeds International Eeyore pajamas and they are so cute, too, if I do say so myself. 

The Richard Leeds International licensed one-piece PJ with a character hood in soft microfleece also comes in 2 other characters: Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. I will be getting both characters for Christmas. Pajamas are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. You can find them in the Sleepwear section at Walmart in-store or online at in women’s sizes. RV: $19.97. Connect with Richard Leeds International on…

I’m very excited to tell you that YOU have an opportunity to win a pair of my favorite PJs so they can become your favorite PJs in this awesome Pajama Giveaway. 

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