My Favorite Character in ‘A Christmas Story’

Okay, I love all the characters in "A Christmas Story". However, I have a biased favorite because my son is currently playing Flick in 'A Christmas Story' at our local Children's Theatre. You know… Ralphie's friend who sticks his tongue to the lamp post? That's my Flick! Now, every time I watch it, which we do at least twice each year during the Christmas season, I'll only see MY Flick. 🙂 So without further ado, and a not so Wordless Wednesday….

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  1. He’s so cute! Our family loves that movie! (well I’m not too crazy about it, but the rest of my family members are!)

  2. I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies, but that one is so good

  3. My husband loves that movie, me, not so much. YOUR Flick is too cute though!

  4. I’m not sure who mine is….I like Scrooge himself, to be honest.

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