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Yoga Meditation Beginners Can Do…

Yoga meditation beginners pose yoga meditation beginners

Yoga meditation beginners can do is a frequently searched and asked question. Maybe because we think yoga meditation is too intimidating, especially if you’re new to yoga and meditation.

This is entirely a misconception; yoga meditation can be helpful to anyone, not just a select demographic. It is a way to clear your mind and prepare yourself for your day or to unwind after work or school and increase the quality of your rest.

What is yoga meditation?

According to

Yoga Meditation is not actually a separate aspect of Yoga, due to the fact that Yoga is meditation. However, the phrase Yoga Meditation is being used here to discriminate between Yoga Meditation and the now popular belief that Yoga is about physical postures. Yoga Meditation is a complete process unto itself, only a small, though useful part of which relates to the physical body.

Here’s a few tips yoga meditation beginners can apply to ease themselves into the idea of yoga meditation.

Yoga Meditation Beginners Can Do

Designate an Area

One of the most important parts of meditating is choosing the space in which you meditate.

Ideally, you will meditate in the same space every day; this way, you’ll build special memories about each time you meditate there that will fill your designated area with good thoughts. This will help you meditate in a more fulfilling way.

The area that you choose can be anywhere, but the best place will be private, secluded, and calming.

For example, a corner of your home would be a good place to begin meditating. Once you choose your space, if you would like to adorn your space with yoga decor, that’s up to you. Whatever makes you more relaxed will be best to put in your designated meditation area.

I use candles for yoga meditation like these…

Blue Lotus Candle Scented Aromatherapy Stress Relief Travel Tins, 3 pack 8.1oz Soy Wax Seasonal Celebration Gift, Fine Home FragranceTHE Pure Candle * Healthy Vegan Candle * Aromatherapy Soy Candle – Gratitude Scented Candle with White Spruce, Rosewood Pure Essential Oil Candle, Made in USA3-Pack Gift Set of Eucalyptus Scented Soy Meditation Candles | Aromatherapy | Gifts | Yoga Candles | Harmony Pledge (Eucalyptus | Healing)

Remove Distractions

Another important part of the beginner’s meditation ritual is to remove all distractions. Once you have been meditating for a while, it will become possible to meditate in the busiest of places because you will be in touch with the peace and solitude within yourself.

However, as a beginner, it can be difficult to reach this place of serenity unless you remove all distractions from your designated meditation area.

Make sure that no one will interrupt you during your specified meditation time, and do not try to meditate while taking care of other tasks such as housework or business ventures.

If you wish to play yoga music while you meditate, make sure that the music is not overly loud or distracting. The best music for meditation will be calm, noninvasive, atmospheric instrumental music.

Here are a few of my favorite music selections for meditation…

Chakra Suite: Music for Meditation, Healing and Inner PeaceProbably the Best Music for Relaxation and MeditationMozart for Meditation – Quiet Music for Quiet Times

Choose Your Pose

Once you have decided upon a distraction-free space, it is time to choose your yoga meditation beginners can do pose.

This is an important part of the meditating ritual because during meditation you should not feel uncomfortable in your pose or have to shift and move your body. You may have seen pictures of monks meditating in the full lotus position; however, this can be uncomfortable for many people, especially if they have not practiced the position previously.

The best pose for meditation is the post that is most comfortable to you. Many people sit on the floor and cross their legs, resting their hands lightly on their knees. Other people will use the “child’s pose,” in which the meditator rests facing the floor in the fetal position, where the knees are bent, and the shins touch the floor.

You will want to refrain initially from lying down; this can be counterproductive to meditation because it may lull you into sleep!

I like these books on yoga poses…

Yoga for Beginners: Simple Yoga Poses to Calm Your Mind and Strengthen Your Body2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga PosesThe Yoga Beginner’s Bible: Top 57 Illustrated Poses for Weight Loss, Stress Relief and Inner Peace

They will help you understand what the pose is good for and how to do them correctly.  To start off with, find two to three poses that are easy for you to do, and perfect them; spending longer and longer times on holding the poses.

Start Slowly

Many monks can meditate easily for hours on end; as a beginner, however, this is not your goal. Start slowly and only meditate for as long as you can sit still. With practice, you will be able to meditate for longer periods of time. It is counterproductive to meditate if you are bored or restless.

While yoga meditating, you should be almost entirely still without being stiff. If you are having difficulty achieving this, take a break from meditating for a little while and try again later. This yoga knee mat is great for pain-free yoga poses.

I love these yoga blocks and they will help you achieve poses without straining or hurting yourself until you get more flexible…

Gaiam Yoga Block, PurpleSet of 2 HemingWeigh Cork Yoga BlocksYogree Yoga Blocks, 9

Hopefully, now you feel more comfortable with the idea of yoga meditation beginners can do and can begin immediately. You wouldn’t let your body go without rest, so why shouldn’t you let your mind rest as well?

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