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Mamavation Monday – Baby Steps are Paying Off #mamavation

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I am so excited with my weight loss progress so far. I admit I’ve been taking little baby steps since October, but it’s working. And as they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I consistently lost .5 to 2 pounds most every single week since October 15, 2012. I had one week where I didn’t lose a pound, but most importantly I haven’t had an increase in weight… not once in the last 15 weeks. For a grand total as of this morning of, 18 pounds lost. Just 20+ pounds away from my goal weight.

I’m so psyched!

What did I do? Count calories. Portion control. Seriously, the biggest change I’ve made so far is to count the calories of every single thing that goes into my mouth.

And my hubby bought me a Fitbit a little over a week ago and I’m so lovin’ it! It’s amazing how difficult it is to get in 10,000 steps a day. Especially when you work sitting at a computer a big part of the day. Or playing the role of taxi driver. 🙂 I’m also using my Fitbit in conjunction with MyFitnessPal on my iPhone.

I love being able to track everything I eat and every movement I make. I like being aware of just how many calories in, how many calories out. No second guessing.

As far as exercise goes, I did start walking on the treadmill three weeks ago. I’m slowly going from couch to 5k. I plan on running in Color Me Rad on April 6. I hope to run the entire 3.1 miles. And trust me, I am NOT a runner.

So one of my goals over the next 11 weeks is to run non stop 3 miles. Yesterday I ran .5 mile without stopping, so I’m on my way. My main goal is to finish, though. Baby steps!

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