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Letters to Our Sons – June 2013

Dear Cody,

It has been a crazy month since my last letter. Crazy. May was jam-packed with a lot of end of “Sarah Plain and Tall closing and end of school activities.

Yes, that’s right…. end of school. I’m not sure who was more ready for summer break, you, or me. 🙂

SPAT closed on May and your teacher and your grandparents got to see you in it (among other family and friends). The closing of Sarah Pain and Tall was bittersweet because it was the last show ever at the Tyson Street theatre. You cried on closing night because you were so caught up with emotion. You always are sentimental at the closing of each play you’ve been in, but this one was even more emotional for you.

Although, we are all excited about Knoxville Children’s Theatres’ new location. It is going to be so much bigger, nicer, and will offer so many more opportunities to the kids in our area. In fact, tomorrow night we will be seeing the opening night performance of “Babe: The Sheep-Pg at the new theatre (we will talk about it in next month’s letter).

KCT has been an important part of your life for over a year and a half now. Every play you are in, the cast become family. You have created such close bonds and wonderful memories.

As I mentioned earlier, your last day of school was May 23rd. You had an amazing year! You had the perfect teacher for you, you made wonderful friendships, and accomplished so much…. I think 4th grade will be one you’ll never forget.

You were on the Student Council, you performed in 3 plays during the school year, you were runner-up in your schools spelling bee, you made straight A’s the entire school year, and you were cast as an extra in a movie being filmed this summer.

As for this summer, we plan on filling it with as much fun stuff for you as possible. We’ve already joined a neighborhood pool to go to at least a couple times a week, you’ve spent two days in filming already, and your Dad took you out yesterday zip lining, and exploring a cave. Today as I write this you and your Dad are at a Smokies baseball game. A great way to finish off the last 30+ days.

I’m excited for you, Cody. You are so smart and talented. I know that you can and will accomplish so much, as long as you continue to work hard. As I have taught you — We (your parents) know how wonderful you are, but you have to work hard so the rest of the world knows it too. 🙂

On a sad note – you lost your Great Uncle Ronnie (who you called your Grungle, since he was your great uncle) on May 28th. We were not able to go in for his funeral, but we know he would not have wanted you to miss being in a movie. He was a great man! A wonderful father, husband, son, uncle, and friend, and will be greatly missed. He always had such an easy smile. I’m sure he will be smiling down on us.

Here’s to an exciting fun-filled summer!

I love you to the moon and back!


Cody’s teacher came and saw him perform as Caleb in “Sarah Plain and Tall” closing weekend
Granny and Papaw came to see Cody closing day. They’re pointing to his name on the poster. 🙂
One of your favorite things to do is to jump on the trampoline.

This pic has not been touched in any way… it was all gravity and timing of the photo. 🙂
Last day of school – 2013. You are now officially a 5th grader.
Oh noes…
You favorite restaurant is Noodles & Company. You wanted more mac ‘n’ cheese. 🙂
This was taken at the strike party to say goodbye to the old KCT theatre and hello to the new KCT Theatre!
First day of many (I hope) at the pool this summer.
Arriving for the first day of shooting as an extra for the school scene.
Third location – juvie scene.
We could never “doubt you”! 🙂
It’s zip line time!
All geared up! Let’s do this!
On the other side. When can I do this again?!?!
Exploring the Forbidden Caverns.
Love exploring caves!
Taking in a Smokies baseball game!

These monthly letters to our sons and photographs are a part of a circle. We will be publishing our letters on the first Fridays of every month. So please follow and check out the circle continuing with my fellow blogger Linda, at My Two Crazy Curls.

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