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In search of ‘green’ expert carpet cleaning

I’ve been spring cleaning and I am at my wits end. The carpet in my son’s playroom is bad. Just awful. He had a sleepover last week and they spilled fruit punch.

Now this isn’t the first spill this carpet has seen… not by a long shot, but they were so busy playing and my son didn’t know it happened, so it was left all night without being cleaned up.  Ugh. I know it’s a playroom, but I can’t stand to go by this room every day and see this stain. It’s like it’s the only thing I see in this room.

I cleaned and cleaned the carpet, but can’t get it clean. I’m afraid that part of the problem is I want to clean it using green products. So I’m in need of some Green Choice Carpet expert carpet cleaning

Someone who can not only get the carpet clean, but use eco-friendly cleaning products to do it. I’ve been more conscious of the cleaners I’m using… you know Earth Day is April 22, so I want to practice what I preach.

I want to add that my son was so apologetic about it and he did help me try and remove the stain. And we did get the vast majority of it up, after about 3 days of cleaning.

As my son says, “Accidents happen, Mom.” Indeed they do, my son.

Out of all my spring cleaning tasks, carpet cleaning is probably the most important to me… it’s also the last thing on my spring cleaning list. Once I have the carpets clean, I know I’m done, but most importantly I know my house is really clean.

What is the most important spring cleaning task on your to-do list?

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