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DIY Guide: How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

My husband and I have been researching what it takes to make the perfect outdoor kitchen. My b-i-l has an amazing outdoor kitchen, which is what inspired us to do an outdoor kitchen ourselves.

I’ve always loved the idea of bringing the indoors… outdoors.

We already know we have a concrete patio as our base, but I was thinking about painting it a faux finish to look like flagstone. I do know that the groundwork is the first step to planning the perfect outdoor kitchen.

I also found a beautiful patio set the other day I’m thinking about going back to get, as well as a fire pit. We are also in the market for a new grill. I’m going to leave this up to my husband. Since he is the grill master, I’m sure he is better equipped at knowing what he needs and wants in a grill.

Our biggest dilemma is what kind of outdoor kitchen island we want and although part of our patio is already covered, we would like to extend the coverage.

The infographic below covers everything from the floor to sky to help you in creating the perfect outdoor kitchen:

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What is the most important feature to you in the perfect outdoor kitchen?

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