Honey Kix – Review and Giveaway (Closed)

honey-kix-logo When I received an email from My Blog Spark about reviewing Honey Kix cereal… I was so on it!  I’ve received several emails about other products but cereal IS such a "go to" food in my house, that I couldn’t pass it up.  And since I use honey as a sweetener instead of white sugar (when possible), a cereal with honey was right up my alley.

Believe it or not… I was a teenager before I ever ate cereal, of any kind.  My mother didn’t buy cereals; so cereals were never in our house.  I remember spending the night with a friend when I was thirteen and eating a bowl of cereal for the first time.  It was/is one of my fondest memories. 

I do have to admit that I, like my mother, still don’t buy lots of cereals.  My husband, however, is a big cereal eater – not so much for breakfast, but as an evening snack.

I am very particular on what kind of cereal I do purchase.  Most cereals I buy are from General Mills (Honey Nut Cheerios is one of our favorites).  But before I said yes to My Blog Spark, I did my research.  And liked what I saw…

Honey Kix cereal, which has all the goodness of Kix® cereal but now with a touch of honey! Honey Kix is a good source of fiber, calcium and vitamin D, contains 16 grams of whole grain per serving (at least 48 grams recommended daily) and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. A perfect balance of taste and nutrition through simple ingredients.

My son and husband both give Honey Kix cereal 2 thumbs up!  In fact, this morning as Cody shoved the cereal into his mouth he said that it was his new favorite cereal.

Honey_Kix-Small I received a Honey Kix prize pack that included a coupon for a free box of cereal, a honey jar, a cereal bowl, a container to take your cereal and milk on-the-go, and a great container (my favorite) to keep cereal fresh at home.

The best part, My Blog Spark will also provide an additional prize pack for me to give away to YOU!

To win this Honey Kix prize pack – all you need to do is leave a comment and share with us –

What do you do in the mornings that helps to make your day run smoothly?  Something that if you don’t do it… it throws your whole day off kilter.

Rules –

After you’ve left a comment answering the above question, you can earn extra entries by doing one or more of the following:

  • Follow me on Twitter – tweet this contest and leave a comment with the link to your tweet.  You can do this daily.
  • Favorite me on Technorati.
  • Sign up for my RSS feed via subscribe button or through email. (For 3 extra entries)
  • Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post. (For 2 extra entries)
  • A winner will be selected through a random draw, using the Random Number Generator, and will be notified by e-mail.
  • You have 48 hours to get back to me, after that time a new winner will be drawn.

***Please leave a comment each and every time you do one or more of the above so you can get your extra entries.

The Honey Kix prize pack (courtesy of My Blog Spark) giveaway ends  Monday, August 10, 2009 6:00 PM EST.

I think you’ll love this prize pack as much as I do.  Good luck!

And the winner is – KixCereal_CommentWinner Dave!  Congrats!

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  1. Up at five, shower and shave, then drink lots of coffee while I read the news.

  2. Coffee! I might as well go back to bed and stay there all day, if I can’t have coffee shortly after my feet hit the floor.

  3. Eat, when I was younger I was ok with not eating until lunch. Now being a little older I have to eat breakfast. I’m a student, mother, and playschool teacher I need the energy. Something light like cereal is always good.

  4. I really must have my coffee in the morning, without it the day just couldn’t move forward=)
    Awesome giveaway, Thanks!!!

  5. If I do not get my coffee, the rest of the day does not seem to go so well.


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  9. I make sure to have my outfit ready the night before and my bag packed so that makes mornings less stressful

  10. in the mornings i check my email before i leave the house – i don’t have access to my email outside the home (through my phone, etc), so by checking in the mornings i don’t have to wonder all day if i got any emails the night before!

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