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Home Remedies for Dry Hair and Scalp

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: October 3, 2012 | Categories: Beauty, Guest Posts, Hair
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Guest Post

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You know that awkward moment when you’re scratching your head and you realize little white flakes are shedding off it?

Yeah. Try that while you’re in the middle of an interview. For a big-wig job. Well…my first ‘real job’ after college at least (it wasn’t really *that* big-wig-like).

After the shock and horror of it all, and fretting over it so immensely that I practically botched the rest of the interview (luckily it was almost over!) I ran straight to the store and bought fifteen different scalp treatments. Literally. Fifteen. Ok. Maybe just two. They’re expensive.

And then, after spending my life’s savings (very little as I had just graduated college) on hair-care, I found out from a friend that my little dandruff problem could be fixed with aloe vera, vinegar, and olive oil.

So, before you, too, waste your whole life savings (or at least $20 of it) because of this same problem, let me inform you of the more green alternative (green meaning money-saving, but I guess it is more environmentally friendly, as well).


Both drinking aloe vera and using it externally is very beneficial for your scalp (and really all skin surfaces). Aloe’s rich vitamin and mineral content has proven to reduce swelling and itching (necessary when one has an itchy scalp!), is antibacterial (killing any bacteria that may be causing the swelling and itching), improves blood circulation (so that blood can flow to the scalp and heal what is amiss), and benefits the regeneration of skin cells. It is an excellent moisturizer and skin healer, and it’s benefits can be gained both internally and externally. Just be wary when taking it internally – if juicing the WHOLE plant, you will be left with a powerful laxative. Juice only the inner pulp for the healing benefits without the (potent) side effects.


Despite it’s smell, vinegar is widely known for it’s hair conditioning qualities, simply because it’s ph is more similar to our hair. Human hair is slightly acidic (about 4-5 on the ph scale), yet soaps and shampoos are all basic. It ruins the natural ph of our skin and hair, and thus leads to problems (like the flaky white stuff which so rudely entered my job interview). Diluting the vinegar (I used 1 TBSP per 8 oz water, but have heard others talk of a 3:1 ratio, 5:1 ratio, and even a 10:1 ratio) before placing on the head helps the smell, and helps adjust the vinegar to the necessary ph for your own hair. Note: this solution has had many different approaches. Some use it as a replacement to shampoo (along with baking soda), others as an occasional rinse after a normal shampoo and followed by a conditioner. Try it out and see what works best for you.


Warm olive oil massaged into hair and scalp is also a fantastic conditioner and moisturizer. Unlike apple cider vinegar, however, it can only be used as a rinse, and needs to be shampooed out. Warm it in the microwave or over the stove (not too hot – you don’t want to burn yourself!) then pour it over you hair and massage into your scalp. Place a shower cap over head and let sit for 30 minutes. Then shampoo as normal, with minimal additional conditioner following the wash. The fatty acids will soften and moisturize dry hair, and the warm oil will not only stimulate blood circulation, but will deeply-moisturize your scalp – two highly needed factors in eliminating dry, itchy scalps.

It’s not fun feeling like your hair is a breeding ground for little white frosted flakes. And the incessant itching can make a person feel more like an ape in a zoo than an actual (hopefully evolved) human being. No, sir, I don’t have lice…I just have a bad case of dandruff.

No more.

Without the $20 ‘new and improved keratin scalp treatment’ bottle.

You are welcome in advance.

Author Bio

This article was written by Heidi. Heidi is known online for blogging as a juicing blogger over at Juicingpedia.com. She enjoys helping her family and herself become more healthy by trying out new juice recipes and then sharing them online for all to enjoy!


12 Responses to Home Remedies for Dry Hair and Scalp

  1. Billie says:

    My son has awfully dry hair and ends up with white flakes, I’ll have to try some of these because the shampoos rarely work well.

  2. tiffany dover says:

    This is great! I always get dry scalp when winter rolls around! thank you!

  3. Wow, great money saving, at-home remedies!

  4. Hannah C says:

    Thank you for sharing this, I just love home remedies! I’ve been having problems with dry scalp lately so I will try this. It’s amazing what aloe vera can do for you. When I was very sick with hand, foot, & mouth disease, I’d drink aloe vera and it made me better very shortly.

  5. Colleen says:

    I have oily hair but a dry scalp. I always have flakes have never been able to get rid of them.

  6. Penelope says:

    I tried mayonnaise once, and it was awful, but I haven’t tried olive oil yet.

  7. Jenn says:

    Hubs has dry hair. I have the opposite!

  8. Apple cider vinegar does so many things!

  9. Lilly says:

    I’ll try aloe vera. Thanks for sharing those great tips!

  10. Lucy Black says:

    I have dry hair 🙁
    Great post, very helpful!

  11. I never heard of using apple cider vinegar but these sound really smart!