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Tips on Hiring Your Child to Work For You

Tips on hiring your child to work for you...

Many entrepreneurs and/or work from home moms and dads with children that are tweens or teens debate whether or not hiring their children to work from them is a good thing or not.

As you work towards the internal debate over whether to hire your child or not, I wanted to express my thoughts and concerns, as well as some tips on hiring your child as a means to help you make the right decision for your business as well as your family.


Is Hiring Your Child Right For You?

Hiring your child is not only a tax benefit but it can also teach them a good work ethics — working hard for that dollar.

As your child becomes a teenager you may find their needs and wants start to get a little expensive. As a parent, it can be overwhelming financially just providing the necessities for your children, not to mention those extra wants.

When you hire your child you start to teach them how to manage money, how to manage time, and how much that little extra want really costs in comparison to an hourly wage.

While hiring your child can most certainly teach them to value a hard earned dollar and start being a bit more responsible, there are some things to think about prior to hiring your child…

Tips For Hiring Your Child To Work For You

Once your child hits the age of adulthood, that is age 18, then different rules and regulations apply. However, if you are hiring a child who can be listed as a dependent on your tax return to work for the family business then we hope that this article has provided some insight on how to properly go about hiring your child to work for you.

I can tell you from experience as a work from home mom, hiring my son to work for me has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business.

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