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Fear of Accidents? How to Get Back Behind the Wheel

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Dystychiphobia is defined as a fear of accidents. This form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is characterized by a person’s thought that they may damage property or the environment or injure themselves, their families or others as the result of having an accident. Some people who have experienced one or many vehicle collisions can develop this disorder.

Fear is a very powerful emotion. Its primitive nature alerts humans to the presence of danger and has been critical in keeping ancestors alive. It can be divided into two stages: biochemical and emotional. Biochemical responses are universal, while emotional responses are highly individualized. When confronted with perceived dangers, the human body responds in very specific ways.

Reactions to Fear

The physical response is at times referred to as a classic fight or flight reaction, when the body prepares for combat or to make a hasty exit. Emotional responses to panic can also occur in relation to personalized deliberate actions such as watching horror movies, playing video games or other thrill seeking activities.

Physical reactions to PTSD may include:

Emotional Issues

Some people who develop this disorder have pronounced fear avoidance due to a specific incident, such as having a car or other accident. Additionally, a near accident experience that could have resulted in an injury or tragedy may trigger the disorder.

People who have experienced car accidents as the result of negligence can also succumb to this disorder. Price Benowitz LLP mentions, “Those who are at fault for the auto accident should demonstrate financial accountability for their careless, negligent, or reckless actions.” Their lack of caution can severely impact people’s lifestyles such that they try to avoid many activities in addition to driving.

Examples of situations many will avoid are:

Overcoming the Fear

There are some ways that people can eradicate this type of phobia so that they may return to living life happily and get back behind the wheel. A wide variety of therapies and treatments can include:

Anyone who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of an auto accident should seek the advice of a competent attorney. If negligence is a factor in the case, there may be compensatory damages to recover for loss of income, medical bills, emotional distress and for treating the traumatic condition. In this way, those who suffer from such an unfortunate disorder can ensure that their rights are fully protected.

Writer Ieda Vincent had been in a severe auto accident that left her afraid to drive for many months and only with time to heal was she able to overcome her fears. Price LLP has skilled attorneys that are trained in a variety of negligence cases. They can guide you through the legal process to make sure you obtain a just and reasonable outcome.

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