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Farmer’s Market Fresh with Sabra Hummus Dip

This post was sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Farmer’s Market Fresh

I visit our local farmer’s market 2-3 times a month, I love fresh vegetables and try to put them on my table every day. I also shop for fresh vegetables at Walmart on a regular basis. I also love hummus.

What’s not to love about hummus?

Hummus contains just a few ingredients. It’s delicious. And it makes a great dip. You can purchase Sabra hummus in the deli section, right by the fresh produce, of your local Walmart.

Why I Love Sabra Hummus

The reasons I love Sabra hummus so much is that it tastes as good as any hummus I could make myself and saves this busy mom a lot of time. I especially like that Sabra hummus has plant protein, healthy fats, and fiber… this gives me a nutritious and filling snack to feed my family.

I love buying carrots, along with other in-season vegetables, that are Farmer’s Market Fresh, from Walmart to dip into my Sabra hummus. I like carrots in particular because they are great for dipping, tasty, and good for you. Carrots are an excellent compliment to hummus.

Sabra Hummus At Walmart

When I stopped by Walmart the other day I picked up Sabra roasted garlic hummus in the 17 oz family size, since it’s our favorite, but we love all the Sabra hummus flavors.

Check out for delicious recipe ideas using Sabra hummus.

Sabra hummus and any seasonal vegetable make for good for you eating any day, any time. I definitely feel good about feeding Sabra hummus to my family.

Be sure to stop by your local Walmart for in-store demos 8/26.

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